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A couple Branwen-isms

October 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

My grandmother has said that someday I should write a book about the kids and the funny things they say and do, and if I ever do half of it will be about Branwen.  Here are two of her latest:

Branwen: (Upon Joel going outside to find her rubbing her bicycle with a big handful of dirt…)  Look, daddy!  I’m cleaning my bike with dirt!  Isn’t it shiny?!

And then last night at the dinner table…

Branwen: Hey, daddy, I know why dust blends in with us.  It’s because God made us out of dust.

Oh, the logic! 🙂

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Endocrinologist’s report

October 2nd, 2008 · 4 Comments

I really liked my endocrinologist.  He seems like he knows what he’s doing and he’s very personable.  Anyway, he verified my doctor’s diagnosis of pre-diabetes and seconded the opinion that I should use a home glucose meter when I have hypoglycemic episodes so I can see how low my sugar is going.  I may not have too much occasion to use it, though, because he also put me on a diabetic diet (as expected) which he’s confident will reverse my condition.  If, for some reason, it doesn’t, there are medicines to try which should do the trick.  Anyway, if I’m careful I’ll very likely never have full-blown diabetes and may even get out of the pre-diabetic category.  Woohoo!  I’ll always have to be careful, though.  And I really do need to start walking every day.  When I can do that I haven’t a clue.

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The verdict is in!

September 26th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I officially have pre-diabetes.  More specifically, I have impaired glucose tolerance, which means that my blood sugar levels are ok when I fast but my body isn’t processing the sugar correctly once it’s given to me.  I have an appointment with an endocrinologist next Tuesday to discuss how to delay and possibly prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes (which is the type I’m at risk for).  I’ve been trying to research it on my own and it looks like diet and exercise are, in general, the best form of prevention just as they’re often the first line of treatment once you develop diabetes.  The problem is that everything I’ve found so far assumes that if you’re pre-diabetic you’re over 45 and/or obese.  I’m neither of these, so I’m not sure what difference that will make.  (For instance, one site said something along the lines of “you don’t have to reach your ideal weight, just lose 10 to 15 pounds,” but if I lost that I’d be rather skinny.)  I also see that some research has been done using medications to prevent the onset of diabetes in pre-diabetics, so maybe that would be more what I need since I don’t fit in the “normal” categories.  Who knows?  Well, hopefully the endocrinologist will, anyway.

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Seriously, no extra time

September 25th, 2008 · Comments Off on Seriously, no extra time

I have to get lunch, but I’ll give the very abbreviated version of an update:

We finally got Desta and Eli’s birth certificates the other day and were able to send in the rest of our home study materials.  Once the formal home study is written up we can apply for grants.

The van is still great.  We had a mechanic do a thorough inspection and he said it’s in great shape.  Yay!

Branwen’s strep throat seems to be gone, thank the Lord.

I’ve been having more frequent hypoglycemic episodes, so I had a three hour glucose tolerance test yesterday.  It wasn’t fun.  I almost passed out.  I usually do just fine with needles, but them mucking about in my arm when the blood wouldn’t come out plus the fact that I’d fasted for more than 12 hours undid me.  At least it’s done.

Tomorrow I’m hosting an Usborne book show for fun and because I like the books they publish.  That means today and tomorrow I have to madly clean house.

On that note, time to get lunch and get back to cleaning bathrooms.  It took me two hours to do the powder room what with various interruptions (“Mommy!  He took my toy!”, “Mommy!  I have to use the potty!”, “Mommy! She’s messing up my blanket!”), so who knows how long it’ll take to do the rest of the housework!

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Please remove my head

September 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I hate ragweed season. I tried to dig out our ragweed garden before it hit, but I only got maybe halfway through it. It’s all along our fence line on one side.

Of course, we also seem to be growing some rather more interesting nasty plants. There’s, of course, the lovely thistles. My favorite, however, is knowing that we’re growing nightshade. You know, deadly nightshade? The stuff you can make into some kind of poison?

Hey, maybe we can find some kind of market for poisonous and annoying plants to support the adoption. 😛 At least it would give me more motivation to dig them all up!

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And God Wows Us Again

September 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment

We just got a report from our adoption agency about a very large donation that was made for our adoption.  It came from someone that I had specifically told I didn’t expect her and her family to donate but thought they’d love the adoption story.  Her response?

“What are you trying to do???  Take away my blessing????”


So thank you, my friend.  I had been feeling discouraged about our fund raising, but this has definitely given me an emotional lift as well as a wonderful jump in our funds.  May God truly bless you mightily!

And… um…. maybe I can send you a basket or something… 😉

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About AWOP and Kingdom Kids Ministries

August 30th, 2008 · Comments Off on About AWOP and Kingdom Kids Ministries

I’m writing this out of necessity because I’ve referred people to them in previous posts and feel the need to post an update.  I still believe their mission is a wonderful one, but for various reasons which I don’t need to go into here (there are two sides to this and I’m not willing to publicly take sides on the issues involved without feeling that I have all of the facts straight) the entire ministry board as well as many employees have stepped down and the ministries have been left with a skeleton crew to operate.  They’re in a bad position financially which isn’t helped by the lack of employees (yes, they won’t have to be paid their salaries, but they were doing a lot of work there).  For this reason alone I would caution people who are looking at working with these ministries to proceed with caution until things have once again become stable.

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The disjointed new schedule

August 28th, 2008 · Comments Off on The disjointed new schedule

I thought it would be so much easier when I didn’t have one enrolled in preschool.  After all, I wouldn’t have to make a midday trip out to drop them off or pick them up two or three days a week.  Truth was, I was simply closing my eyes to reality, plugging my ears with my fingers, and singing “la la la la la!”  Because, of course, as is obvious to probably everyone reading this, things are actually even crazier with a child in half-day kindergarten.

Sure, the kids can walk to and from school.  But for now either Joel or I is walking with them, at least until Branwen gets comfortable with the idea of walking to and from with just Alexis.  Since they just have to cross the playground the time may come for me to just wait for them at our gate before the end of the year, but I certainly am not counting on it.  It’s hard to know when Branwen will be ready for that.  In the meantime, we take Alexis to school around 8:45, come home and finish feeding and clothing any children who are still hungry and pajamaed, do a few random things that won’t take more than an hour or so, start getting Branwen ready, take her to school at 11:45, go home and feed the once again hungry children at home, put the two littlest down for a nap and sit downstairs with the 3 year old while she watches a video for quiet time (she’s not used to being alone and doesn’t much like it), then go get Alexis and Branwen at 3:30.  And instead of being two or three days a week, we have this lovely schedule every single day!  Granted, some of that will have to be flexible.  For instance, Desta is going to have to live with watching the video by herself at times when I just have far too much to do to sit down here with her.  I can sit down here if I have paperwork or something to do, but cleaning and cooking generally require me to be in a different room.  Well, we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.

The first day of school went well.  Branwen, though she announced to me that she didn’t like Kindergarten and it wasn’t fun, was not screaming or crying.  I consider this a huge success.  I don’t care if she loves Kindergarten straight off (her tune actually changed a bit later anyway to something like, “It was ok,”) as long as she doesn’t scream and cry for mommy from the time I drop her off till the time I pick her up thereby allowing no learning in her particular sector of the building.  I figure she’ll have tired days when she’s harder to drop off, but it’s very encouraging that she had such a calm first day.  Maybe she’s starting to get over this fear of new situations/transitions thing!  (I guess we’ll test that a bit on Sunday when she goes to her new Sunday School class.)

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D-Day is here

August 27th, 2008 · Comments Off on D-Day is here

It’s the day when I am delivered of the end-of-summer child boredom that leads to whining and fighting.  It’s the day that inspires so many parents to say, “Hallelujah!!  This is the day the Lord has made!!!”

Yes, it’s the first day of school.

Alexis was fully charged this morning.  She was so excited I thought she might bounce out of her new sneakers.  She had to give me extra hugs before going into the school and she grabbed my hands and squeezed them excitedly before running through the doors.  I hope she’s that excited for the first day of school for many years. 🙂

Branwen has been asking me every half hour or so if it’s time for her to go to school yet.  So far she seems very excited.  I’m trying to encourage the excitement, but I know that sometimes she’s excited at the idea of something the reality of which ends up scaring her.  In other words, I’m very glad she’s excited and I’ll be extremely pleased if it lasts, but I also won’t be surprised if she either doesn’t want to actually leave my side when we get to the school or else is in tears when I pick her up.  Only time will tell!

And then there are all three other children who have started asking why they can’t go to school, too. 🙂  We may have to play school at home a bit this year. 🙂

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How thoughtless!

August 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Why do my children choose times such as this to outgrow all of their shoes????  Don’t they know we’re trying to save money here???????  And of course, at least three of them need new ones because we don’t have any in the size they need.  I’m hoping I’ll find some in our stash of hand-me-downs for the other two….  (Yes, Eli is getting new shoes.  No high heels or pink sneakers for the boy.)

*sigh*  Timing, timing.

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