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Seriously, no extra time

September 25th, 2008 · No Comments

I have to get lunch, but I’ll give the very abbreviated version of an update:

We finally got Desta and Eli’s birth certificates the other day and were able to send in the rest of our home study materials.  Once the formal home study is written up we can apply for grants.

The van is still great.  We had a mechanic do a thorough inspection and he said it’s in great shape.  Yay!

Branwen’s strep throat seems to be gone, thank the Lord.

I’ve been having more frequent hypoglycemic episodes, so I had a three hour glucose tolerance test yesterday.  It wasn’t fun.  I almost passed out.  I usually do just fine with needles, but them mucking about in my arm when the blood wouldn’t come out plus the fact that I’d fasted for more than 12 hours undid me.  At least it’s done.

Tomorrow I’m hosting an Usborne book show for fun and because I like the books they publish.  That means today and tomorrow I have to madly clean house.

On that note, time to get lunch and get back to cleaning bathrooms.  It took me two hours to do the powder room what with various interruptions (“Mommy!  He took my toy!”, “Mommy!  I have to use the potty!”, “Mommy! She’s messing up my blanket!”), so who knows how long it’ll take to do the rest of the housework!

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