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About AWOP and Kingdom Kids Ministries

August 30th, 2008 · No Comments

I’m writing this out of necessity because I’ve referred people to them in previous posts and feel the need to post an update.  I still believe their mission is a wonderful one, but for various reasons which I don’t need to go into here (there are two sides to this and I’m not willing to publicly take sides on the issues involved without feeling that I have all of the facts straight) the entire ministry board as well as many employees have stepped down and the ministries have been left with a skeleton crew to operate.  They’re in a bad position financially which isn’t helped by the lack of employees (yes, they won’t have to be paid their salaries, but they were doing a lot of work there).  For this reason alone I would caution people who are looking at working with these ministries to proceed with caution until things have once again become stable.

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