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My souvenirs

June 4th, 2008 · No Comments

I brought home a lot of things to sell this time to help support our adoption efforts (mostly baskets and other woven articles like trivets and coasters), but I also brought home two lovely souvenirs for myself. One was a broken toe. It was doing much better the other day, but yesterday I had to do a lot of things and it’s not hurting pretty annoyingly again. The other is some sort of digestive critters, either bacterial or parasitic. I’m now on a medicine that will basically kill anything and everything in my digestive track to try to get rid of whatever it is. The doctor told me I’d better start eating plenty of yogurt. 🙂 I’m also taking probiotic capsules, so between the two I hope to keep the good bacteria alive and kicking while killing any nasties that have taken up residence.

Now that our adoption is fast-forwarding a bit, I’d appreciate extra prayer. Here are a few specific requests:

Funds – we need to send in our dossier soon, and we don’t have the roughly $15,500 that’s due with the dossier. We really can only scrape together a couple thousand of that at this point. Please pray that God would bring the money in somehow.

Van – we’re still praying to find a good, inexpensive 12 passenger van.

Paperwork – that things would move quickly through the various agencies that need to do background checks, authentications, etc.

Thank you for your prayers!

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